Taking Time to Look Back, As We Look Ahead

With a few tears in our eyes and a slight ache in our hearts we left our families behind, including our two oldest daughters, to return to the field.We enjoyed a busy seven months on furlough and were ready to return to the work the Lord has called us to in Madagascar.

Eight years ago, we began this journey as God clearly called us to proclaim the Gospel to the Antandroy people.After a couple years of language and culture studies we moved to the city of Fort Dauphin and began entering towns and villages in the region of Androy.We had been told not to expect any converts; that the field would need a lot of work to prepare hearts to receive Christ. The Malagasy people in the high lands asked why we would go to a place where the tribes are so fierce and stubborn.We knew the Lord had called us, so we went.
Now after much prayer, proclamation and discipleship, we have seen such a great harvest; unlike we ever imagined.Our goal continues to be empowering the Malagasy to reach their own.Reachi…

Endurance: Isaiah 40:31

We know it has been a while since you have received an update from us.This was done purposely.As we came back to the US for our stateside assignment we really needed some rest this time around.We needed to decompress from the wear and tear of the past seven years and really look into our hearts and see how in line they truly are with the Lord’s.To be honest we have asked you all to pray for us not to be enticed by the glittering temptations around us here in the USA.From a certain point of view life seems simpler and easier here.We found ourselves wondering why God still needed us in Madagascar when He is doing such a mighty work that is way beyond what we can comprehend or in many cases handle.The task at hand is so large that we know and recognize that unless it was the Lord leading us to continue on the path He has called us to in Madagascar we would fail.There is too much at stake for us to just do what Adam and Suzie want to do. This is where you all come in to play.  As we hav…

Savoring Stateside

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matt. 11:28
We're six weeks into our 2nd stateside assignment.  We came in this time weary and burdened.  The culture of the Malagasy and their constant requests for help was wearing on us more than normal. Don't get me wrong, the Lord is moving in amazing ways.  Our brothers and sisters in Christ are proclaiming Christ clearly and often.  They are consistent in going out to share and disciple new brothers and sisters in Christ.  They are even walking 15 miles away to these villages!  We are continually getting reports of new areas that are seeking the Gospel and villages that have committed to being Church.  But we, personally, needed a change of pace; a time to refuel, reflect and remember all the Lord has done, is doing and still desires to do.  
Though the schedule has not slowed down much, we got Emma settled in at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. She is doing very well.  We had a cha…

A Can do Attitude

We have closed out the month of June at a lightning pace.  We had two short-term teams, family from another unit stay with us, sickness and normal ministry happening.  We have also found ourselves in front of the TV in the evenings to watch world cup soccer.  Naturally cheering on Argentina.  Unfortunately, our team is out and that is okay.  As we watch the games we see teams that are just better than others.  The day, location, weather, and atmosphere play greatly into how a team will perform.  And then, you have the teams that just don't care and are ready to play at any moment, any place, under any circumstance.

This is how we desire to live out our mission life.  We desire to do what the Lord has called us to do and see Him glorified in all aspects of our lives and at all times.  We normally are this way.  I think on a few occasions you will find us not ready but for the most part we are prepared and ready for action. We really have not been as picky as it pertains to the wher…


Many times, life takes you on many different adverntures.  Some not very far away and others all the way across the world.  As we look back at our lives and think about the privileges offered to us we find ourselves amazed and thankful to be able to have those experiences. Just having the blessing of serving the Lord in Madagascar is amazing.  We live in a place that truly wasn't on our radar at any point until we started the appointment process.  We have always said that we were willing to go wherever and that we just wanted to be obedient to the Lord.  As we look at the place the Lord has placed us we are humbled and amazed that He orchestrated it all for His glory.  Now, that doesn't mean any of this is easy but we are seeking to be faithful to the King of Kings.  He has afforded us some awesome privileges on this journey of life.
This past month is a blur.  We started out rough.  Vehicles broken down, plans changing and preparing to be gone for three weeks to a meeting in B…

Pushing Yourself

One of the good and bad characteristics that we have is that we aren't quitters.  We are highly competitive, hard-headed, determined, persistent and self-motivated to go the extra mile.  These are not always bad but we have so many times lived these characteristics out of selfishness and not out of a heart abandoned to the Lord.  We have set our goals, desires, dreams ahead of God's and asked Him to join us.  We haven't walked in wisdom from above.  Thankfully, the Lord is gracious and has shown us mercy and compassion even though we didn't and don't deserve it at all.

On the flip side, these characteristics are what keep us going.  It is what makes us keep going back out on the painful, bad, long, dirty roads to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, train and equip local believers, see new churches become healthy churches, listen to and work alongside existing churches and conventions, work with leaders and seek to maintain a healthy IMB team in Madagascar.  This …

Calling That Compels Action

One of the realities of living on the mission field no matter where one lives is the reality that we are called by the Lord to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.This doesn’t mean that one’s calling to go internationally is more important than a local ministry but for all of us it is a reminder of hope that He who began this good work in us will complete it.Our Salvation is secure in Christ but being worked out each day as we seek to live for Him.We recognize that in and of ourselves we are incompetent in fulfilling the task at hand.We are constantly reminded of how inadequate we are.That is where we lean on the fact that God has prepared these good works for us before the foundations of the earth.We are living out His call, will and plan for our lives.
Thus, we don’t despair in the dark hours and though from an earthly perspective all seems meaningless we push forward.We recognize that our service to God is much more than a desire, much more than a job, and much more than si…