Pushing Yourself

One of the good and bad characteristics that we have is that we aren't quitters.  We are highly competitive, hard-headed, determined, persistent and self-motivated to go the extra mile.  These are not always bad but we have so many times lived these characteristics out of selfishness and not out of a heart abandoned to the Lord.  We have set our goals, desires, dreams ahead of God's and asked Him to join us.  We haven't walked in wisdom from above.  Thankfully, the Lord is gracious and has shown us mercy and compassion even though we didn't and don't deserve it at all.

On the flip side, these characteristics are what keep us going.  It is what makes us keep going back out on the painful, bad, long, dirty roads to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, train and equip local believers, see new churches become healthy churches, listen to and work alongside existing churches and conventions, work with leaders and seek to maintain a healthy IMB team in Madagascar.  This …

Calling That Compels Action

One of the realities of living on the mission field no matter where one lives is the reality that we are called by the Lord to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.This doesn’t mean that one’s calling to go internationally is more important than a local ministry but for all of us it is a reminder of hope that He who began this good work in us will complete it.Our Salvation is secure in Christ but being worked out each day as we seek to live for Him.We recognize that in and of ourselves we are incompetent in fulfilling the task at hand.We are constantly reminded of how inadequate we are.That is where we lean on the fact that God has prepared these good works for us before the foundations of the earth.We are living out His call, will and plan for our lives.
Thus, we don’t despair in the dark hours and though from an earthly perspective all seems meaningless we push forward.We recognize that our service to God is much more than a desire, much more than a job, and much more than si…

Full February

February was a FULL month.As I scroll through pictures, I’m reminded of God’s blessings and goodness in all things.
Here are a couple highlights:
*Adam had wonderful meetings with convention leaders and seminaries as we continue seeking to unite as an island for the spread of the unadulterated Gospel of Christ.Others have gone before Adam in these efforts to unite the island, but this month he visited two seminaries, each with about 7-12 students and joined in for a few hours at a meeting of seminary leaders in Madagascar’s Baptist Convention, FBB (Fiangonana Batista Biblika).He mainly listened to hear the hearts of these leaders that have been working for years to encourage the church and develop more leaders.It is obvious that the Lord is moving all over the island. There is excitement in the air as the Spirit is moving and uniting His children to do His work!
*Suzie started meeting weekly with five Malagasy ladies and her missionary sister, Diana. They’re studying the Bible, specifica…

Seasons of Sickness

I remember going to a mission’s conference as we were preparing to go on the mission field full time.We were featured guests as missionaries telling about work when we weren’t even sure what that work would look like.We had a small group meeting at a home that weekend.There was a missionary that was on medical leave because the son had problems with his speech.The missionary seemed worn down and discouraged because of this delay.He shared that one of the greatest challenges their family had faced on the field was sickness.He said the days never turned out the way you planned. For one, you’re in a third world country and you rarely get what you expect.Secondly, sickness played a huge part in keeping you from accomplishing your goals each day.Even in simple matters of paying a bill or depositing money into the bank.It could be that the bank is closed for some holiday you didn’t know existed.Maybe the teller was sick and there was not another to replace her.Sometimes they may be out of t…

What's Your Christmas Wish?

I know we’re already into a new year and Christmas season has passed, but I want to tell you a story of a Christmas wish.On Christmas Eve, the sermon was clear.Christmas is not about us.Christmas is a time to celebrate the greatest gift ever given. Jesus.The question was asked, “If you could have any one thing for Christmas, what would it be?”The congregation shared their responses with a partner and then the pastor stood and shared what his partner had told him.To be a missionary.This young man had been seeking and learning about the Bible and what it means to live as a Christian.His greatest wish this Christmas was to be a missionary.But he’s not waiting to GO to a far-away place.He has already started going around town.He shares the gospel multiple times each week and is passionate about making disciples.Would you pray for Ashna?Pray he would be true to God and faithful as a witness.Also pray that the Lord would use him and send him wherever he pleases to be a disciple of Christ.


Imagine having never entered the doors of a church, nor sang a worship song, nor heard or seen any church or Christian tradition.A year and a half ago we entered a village and each of these descriptions was true for them.Since then we’ve had the privilege of walking them through the Bible.We’ve been teaching them the foundations of Christianity.We’re using a process of storying the Bible since so many Antandroy people are oral preference learners.As we’ve addressed practices such as following in baptism and partaking of the Lord’s supper we’ve been able to study the Scriptures alongside these new converts.They’ve asked questions about who can baptize and who can take the Lord’s supper.They’ve asked what type of bread to use and how the believers should drink from the cup.Things many of us have never had to think about!Things we’ve been doing as long as we can remember or we were able to start when we became a part of a church family.It’s tempting to show them how we as “vazaha,” or fo…

Pray, Do It for the Lord

Our pastor and his family have been under attack over the past few months.His wife has been struggling with diabetes for a while now, but has not been on regular medication.She became very ill in the end of August.Praise the Lord, someone could pay for her to fly to the capital to receive treatment and a plan for her continued health.It was a scary time for the whole family, but she is doing much better!Pray she will have the discipline to stay on the daily medication and the money to continue to afford the pills.A few weeks later, their oldest daughter was struck with appendicitis and rushed to the hospital.Fortunately, she lives in the capital and had emergency surgery.She is recovering well.Finally, just last week, another daughter became sick and had to go to the doctor for treatment.These three sicknesses have come one upon the other and although the family has received some financial help, there are still more bills to pay.Pray they will co…