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Confirming the Called

Wow, what an amazing week we have just lived through!!!  So excited about the next steps we will be taking in our life and what God desires to do through our lives to display His glory to the Antandroy people.  The closer we get to D-day the more real the task at hand begins to be within our hearts.  We are super-excited and ready to go but completely scared and aware of the size of the new orders that God has for our lives.  This past week has been one of re-affirmation that we are right where God desires us to be.  We were so blessed to spend time with some great families whom God is using in a mighty way.  No names but you know who you are!  We are so thankful for new friendships and prayer partners as we continue on this journey.  We were humbled by family and friends who took time off of their busy schedule to come and share this glorious week with us.  We could never say THANK YOU! enough to let you know how much that means to us.  So with that said, I will leave you with some o…