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New Adventures Ahead

Well we have made another transition in what has been a crazy year and a half in Madagascar.  However, we believe this will be our last major transition for a little while.  With that said we are so excited to finally tell people we will be here for a long time.  It is so refreshing and so encouraging to our hearts to be able to firmly say that we aren't going anywhere in the near future.  With that said we are also fully aware that the place that we are in is one that will be full of new adventures and challenges.  So in case you haven't figured it out; we have moved to the city of Fort Dauphin or Taolagnaro.  We are so excited about this place and being closer to the Tandroy people.  The city of Fort Dauphin is full of Tandroy people and we are currently seeking avenues to get some Bible studies started.  This is not as easy as it may seem since the Tandroy are seen as a lower class in this town so we are learning to tread softly and with patience.  We don't want to hind…

Search and Rescue

Wow we have had a crazy past month and lots of things to share and talk about.  So much that we could probably write a novel just over the last month.  We have had some tough days and some really exciting and energizing days.  As you know we had the cyclone come through our part of the Island and cause great devastation.  This devastation will continue on for the next few months as crops, homes, churches, lives have been lost.  It is hard to describe the seriousness of the current situation in our part of the world.  At the same time we have found many finding ways to continue on with life and to be an encouragement to others.  Our personal struggles of not having electricity in our home besides a generator and still not having our roof fully repaired seems so small compared to the eternal effects many have experienced.  To think that there are still people missing and there are still people living in the shambles of destruction just breaks our heart.  As we were talking with a lady w…