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Calling That Compels Action

One of the realities of living on the mission field no matter where one lives is the reality that we are called by the Lord to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.This doesn’t mean that one’s calling to go internationally is more important than a local ministry but for all of us it is a reminder of hope that He who began this good work in us will complete it.Our Salvation is secure in Christ but being worked out each day as we seek to live for Him.We recognize that in and of ourselves we are incompetent in fulfilling the task at hand.We are constantly reminded of how inadequate we are.That is where we lean on the fact that God has prepared these good works for us before the foundations of the earth.We are living out His call, will and plan for our lives.
Thus, we don’t despair in the dark hours and though from an earthly perspective all seems meaningless we push forward.We recognize that our service to God is much more than a desire, much more than a job, and much more than si…