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The Blessed Gospel Light

The greatest aim that we have as a family is that the Lord would be glorified in and through us.This past month has had so many events that we could not even begin to tell you all of them.We have had some really good times, some trying times, and some moments of just being in Awe.The Lord has been at work in and through us all.We just praise Him for choosing us and our teammates here in Fort Dauphin and on the Island to be vessels used by Him.We don’t understand why or how all the time but we have found that His calling upon us all is very simple “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all of creation”.That is all that we have tried to do by being here in Madagascar.We are just trying to be obedient to the Lord.The amazing thing that we have seen is that as we have taken baby-steps of faith He has always proven Himself to be faithful and worthy to receive all that we have and are.
July has gone by so fast but not without a lot of work being done.We have had short term teams fro…