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It's Not Good Bye and It's Not Easy

We are back in Madagascar and what a journey it has been to get back to our home.Leaving the US was probably harder the second time around.Some of the excitement and just overall novelty of going across the world as missionaries didn’t seem to be the motivation for us actually boarding the airplane.Our hearts were torn and knowing the amount of time we are going to be gone made us just want to soak in the moments and seconds we could get in the States.It is funny to think that as we left we weren’t thinking about missing the great food, convenience of life, amenities of living in the US but instead we were thinking about you all.Our family and friends.
We absolutely enjoyed our time in the States and you all made it very difficult for us to want to leave and come back to Madagascar.So why did we come back?The answer is simple.Obedience.That is why we have come back to Madagascar.We simply want to be obedient to what the Lord has for our lives.We don’t say this as a self-serving stateme…