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This has been a very weird and challenging month for us all here.  We have seen the Lord work mightily but we have also faced many trials and struggles.  We started the month by working hard and seeing the Lord open up new places for ministry and calling people to Himself.  The SWBTS team was here and we were all working together to make much of the Lord and His Amazing Grace.  The Lord was faithful and we now have a lot of work to accomplish.  We finished that trip with a couple of days to rest and be ready to receive two young men from Tennessee coming to serve alongside us and our South Team here in F/D.  They made it in and we shifted gears very quickly to help them be ready to make the most of the time here and helping them be ready to attempt great things for Christ under proper guidance and support.  They are doing great by the way.

It was in this preparation phase for the guys, follow up in the new areas of ministry and planning for the next short term teams coming out where w…