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Seasons of Sickness

I remember going to a mission’s conference as we were preparing to go on the mission field full time.We were featured guests as missionaries telling about work when we weren’t even sure what that work would look like.We had a small group meeting at a home that weekend.There was a missionary that was on medical leave because the son had problems with his speech.The missionary seemed worn down and discouraged because of this delay.He shared that one of the greatest challenges their family had faced on the field was sickness.He said the days never turned out the way you planned. For one, you’re in a third world country and you rarely get what you expect.Secondly, sickness played a huge part in keeping you from accomplishing your goals each day.Even in simple matters of paying a bill or depositing money into the bank.It could be that the bank is closed for some holiday you didn’t know existed.Maybe the teller was sick and there was not another to replace her.Sometimes they may be out of t…