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Having the privilege to serve the Lord in the South of Madagascar has some perks.  One of those is that we have some beautiful scenery's to look at.  One of our favorite spots is looking out over the cliffs at a local hotel.  We have been there numerous times now but the scenery never gets old.  The one thing that we truly love is watching the tide come in and seeing the waves crash into the coral and rock.  It is truly mesmerizing!  We have and still could just spend hours watching this scene and observing the power of the waves but the resiliency of the coast.

This is our lives over these past few months and years.  We have sought to be resilient in the midst of changing tides.  One of the obstacles has been our physical and emotional health.  They seem to work in unison.  As we feel physically able to perform and live within the changing tides of what Madagascar offers we find ourselves doing well mentally as well.  However, we have always sought to do things as a family so whe…