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Hardships Amidst Exciting Times

The Lord is at work in South Madagascar!  Here are a few things going on this month:
11 students are attending THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION BY EXTENSION courses here in Fort Dauphin
4 students are attending SEMINARY in other parts of the island and will be returning soon
3 Malagasy students are attending SOUTHWESTERN Seminary and will return to lead their fellow countrymen
80 Malagasy partners will be TRAINED by Southwestern Seminary this month
8 were BAPTIZED in Tsihombe
16 are awaiting TRAINING ON BAPTISM around Tranoroa
2 groups are ready to BECOME CHURCH PLANTS around Tranoroa
3 NEW MISSIONARIES are headed to serve alongside us from USA and Ecuador When we sit back and look at all the Lord is doing we are amazed!  We have been in Fort Dauphin for 3 years now and it blows our minds how much the Spirit has moved, how many have been saved and how many are serving the Lord whole-heartedly now.  Lives have been changed, churches have been planted and the Word of God is spreading!  This doesn't com…