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Imagine having never entered the doors of a church, nor sang a worship song, nor heard or seen any church or Christian tradition.A year and a half ago we entered a village and each of these descriptions was true for them.Since then we’ve had the privilege of walking them through the Bible.We’ve been teaching them the foundations of Christianity.We’re using a process of storying the Bible since so many Antandroy people are oral preference learners.As we’ve addressed practices such as following in baptism and partaking of the Lord’s supper we’ve been able to study the Scriptures alongside these new converts.They’ve asked questions about who can baptize and who can take the Lord’s supper.They’ve asked what type of bread to use and how the believers should drink from the cup.Things many of us have never had to think about!Things we’ve been doing as long as we can remember or we were able to start when we became a part of a church family.It’s tempting to show them how we as “vazaha,” or fo…

Pray, Do It for the Lord

Our pastor and his family have been under attack over the past few months.His wife has been struggling with diabetes for a while now, but has not been on regular medication.She became very ill in the end of August.Praise the Lord, someone could pay for her to fly to the capital to receive treatment and a plan for her continued health.It was a scary time for the whole family, but she is doing much better!Pray she will have the discipline to stay on the daily medication and the money to continue to afford the pills.A few weeks later, their oldest daughter was struck with appendicitis and rushed to the hospital.Fortunately, she lives in the capital and had emergency surgery.She is recovering well.Finally, just last week, another daughter became sick and had to go to the doctor for treatment.These three sicknesses have come one upon the other and although the family has received some financial help, there are still more bills to pay.Pray they will co…