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Many times, life takes you on many different adverntures.  Some not very far away and others all the way across the world.  As we look back at our lives and think about the privileges offered to us we find ourselves amazed and thankful to be able to have those experiences. Just having the blessing of serving the Lord in Madagascar is amazing.  We live in a place that truly wasn't on our radar at any point until we started the appointment process.  We have always said that we were willing to go wherever and that we just wanted to be obedient to the Lord.  As we look at the place the Lord has placed us we are humbled and amazed that He orchestrated it all for His glory.  Now, that doesn't mean any of this is easy but we are seeking to be faithful to the King of Kings.  He has afforded us some awesome privileges on this journey of life.
This past month is a blur.  We started out rough.  Vehicles broken down, plans changing and preparing to be gone for three weeks to a meeting in B…