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Completing God's Mission Puzzle

One of the greatest needs for effective ministry anywhere is the ability to communicate what the vision is and in missions what the end-vision is.We feel like we have a good handle on these two things but as we continue to see the Lord do more than we expected at this point we continuously find ourselves falling at His feet and seeking His guidance.We feel like we are just putting together a puzzle one piece at a time and we have never seen the cover to know exactly how it should all look.There are so many pieces to put together and we have so many pieces that we have yet to see or encounter.We seek to be faithful and obedient to Him and walk each day according to where He is leading us.
As we seek Him and seek to follow His voice and direction for our lives we continuously ask Him to give us His wisdom from above.We are in the tough part of the puzzle.We have the border coming together but we are now starting to work on the details of inner pieces of the puzzle.Many things seem to fit…