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Endurance: Isaiah 40:31

We know it has been a while since you have received an update from us.This was done purposely.As we came back to the US for our stateside assignment we really needed some rest this time around.We needed to decompress from the wear and tear of the past seven years and really look into our hearts and see how in line they truly are with the Lord’s.To be honest we have asked you all to pray for us not to be enticed by the glittering temptations around us here in the USA.From a certain point of view life seems simpler and easier here.We found ourselves wondering why God still needed us in Madagascar when He is doing such a mighty work that is way beyond what we can comprehend or in many cases handle.The task at hand is so large that we know and recognize that unless it was the Lord leading us to continue on the path He has called us to in Madagascar we would fail.There is too much at stake for us to just do what Adam and Suzie want to do. This is where you all come in to play.  As we hav…