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Frustration to Praise

We must say that overall this has been one of the most frustrating months we have spent on the field.It has been frustrating for many different reasons.We had trouble moving to Toliara when we thought we would be able to.There were complications with the car and the crates from the receiving port here in Madagascar.We were delayed for two weeks.During this time we would receive good news and bad news and the truth of the matter we thought it might not ever happen in the month of July.It was so frustrating saying good bye over and over again to people and each time having to explain why you have not left yet.It was also frustrating because three other units needed our furniture and appliances and we were holding everyone up with the delays we were facing (granted out of our hands).The move day went pretty smooth overall except for the fact we couldn’t fit all of our stuff and the stuff for the other units on the truck.However, thanks to some crafty Malagasy ways we fit all of the esse…