Frustration to Praise

We must say that overall this has been one of the most frustrating months we have spent on the field.  It has been frustrating for many different reasons.  We had trouble moving to Toliara when we thought we would be able to.  There were complications with the car and the crates from the receiving port here in Madagascar.  We were delayed for two weeks.  During this time we would receive good news and bad news and the truth of the matter we thought it might not ever happen in the month of July.  It was so frustrating saying good bye over and over again to people and each time having to explain why you have not left yet.  It was also frustrating because three other units needed our furniture and appliances and we were holding everyone up with the delays we were facing (granted out of our hands).  The move day went pretty smooth overall except for the fact we couldn’t fit all of our stuff and the stuff for the other units on the truck.  However, thanks to some crafty Malagasy ways we fit all of the essential things besides five bicycles and a dog house on the truck.  We are now in Toliara (and loving it) but arrived later than expected so all of the plans that were made have been discarded and now we are living just on a day to day basis until the middle of the first week in August.  With this delay we still have not found our niche in Toliara and where we fit in with things.  We aren’t for sure that what we signed up for is what we will be doing.  Yes, still working with the Tandroy but the Lord is continuing to humble us by allowing us to see how insignificant (influence wise:  we are significant in the investment the IMB puts in us with training, housing, insurance and the rest) we are in IMB life.  However, with all the frustrations we have faced and the uncertainties that have come and will be coming we have and are trying to turn all of those things to praise.  We praise God for giving us that extra time in Antsirabe to continue to grow in our language skills and the ability to share His love with many different people.  The Lord was definitely faithful.  We praise God for allowing us to be in Antsirabe longer than expected to somewhat help the Jones family.  We praise God for all the help we had loading and unloading our truck.  We praise God for our SW team in Toliara and all the meals and kindness they gave/showed us.  We praise God for a home that is nice and already feels like home to us even though it does have its difficulties.  We praise God for a nice new truck that runs well and is able to get us from place to place (though still needs some little things done to it).  We praise God for already providing some open doors to share His love and for opportunities to praise His name.  We praise God for giving us a love for the culture and people here in Madagascar.  We praise God for always being there even when we are frustrated.  We praise God for His people lifting us up in prayer and for the encouragement we feel from you all.  We praise God that His calling on our lives is so much more than a feeling. 
We are in it for the long haul and are beyond thankful for all of the blessings the Lord has imparted to us.

Prayer Request:
·         Ministry among the Antandroy.
·         For the acquisition of the Tandroy dialect and culture
·         For upcoming trips to the bush.
·         For our SW team retreat and the SW team.
·         Trip down to Fort Dauphin as we will be driving a rough road.
·         Snyder family at Orientation

·         All of the above
·         Ashley arrived safely and she is Awesome!
·         Baylee had a wonderful B-day!
·         Matt, Grant and Germa for all of the logistics done on our behalf with Taisir gone on stateside assignment.
·         For the ability (technology) to share in on VBS’s back home.

 Loading up the Truck in Antsirabe (Great Helpers!)

 Unloading the Truck in Tolear (Great Helpers!)

 New Home in Tulear

Ashley and the Girls and School books

Baylee Turned 8!!!


  1. I love the pictures - especially the one with Ashley :) Y'all are on my prayer list and I hope the retreat is a relaxing time for all. Thanks for looking after my girl.

    Connie Gruber (Ashley's Mom)


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