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10 Weeks!?

Wow, that is the time that we have left officially in Commerce, Ten Sundays I guess is a better way to put it.  I am sad but so excited for how God is doing great things for His Kingdom in so many ways.  This past month has been so amazing seeing God set things in order.  Though we do not know exactly how everything is still going to look and who will be where in the church and even our lives we are in complete peace that we are stepping exactly where the Lord is leading us to be.  What amazes me more than anything else is how our obedience is important for others to be obedient.  Not sure how that all sounds, but the question I ask constantly to myself is what if I was not obedient to God?  The consequences would be grave for many or at the very least I might be thrown overboard like Jonah.  So I am just giving God credit for knowing exactly what is going to happen.  He is in complete control.
Changing direction a little, I think about the calling He is taking us to next, reaching a …