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A Month of Exploration

Well we have had a very eventful month of February and have found the Lord’s hand all over it.  We had our vision trip down to Toliara and finally got to see the Tandroy in a little more natural environment.  We were able to see firsthand the difficulty of the task ahead of us.  There are tough roads, tough sleeping conditions, a need for stomachs made out of steel (we’ll not give you all the details of everything we ate and drank), a lot of waiting, cultural norms to learn, etc…  However, we were also amazed at how the Lord is already at work and doing great things!  Thanks to your prayers and support we had an amazing trip.  We did not have any real problems on the road.  We were protected from unwanted bugs and some of you even asked God to send a cyclone to cool things off for us down south (Though the damages up north were major we were thankful for the cooler weather).  All in all we just felt the peace of the Lord and His Mighty hand guiding us.  We were overwhelmed with how di…