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Ripping Away the Charm

This past month, we have been privileged to encourage new believers as they follow Jesus in baptism.At one of these celebrations, we were all waiting in anticipation as the candidates for baptism lined up.We had walked almost 4 ½ miles through thick sand along the cactus lined pathway to get to the ocean.One by one the new believers walked out into the water as three church leaders baptized each one.The whole group was singing praises to God and many of the ladies danced their way back onto shore after identifying with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.About half the group had gone when it was time for another young lady.She walked out into the ocean and as she got to the right spot she turned around.Suddenly, her sister’s in Christ started hollering from the shore, “Charm! She still has on a charm!”Without prompting by the church leaders, the girl reached up, ripped the charm from her neck and threw it down into the water!Her actions made such a statement about her faith, …