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Difficulties leading to praise.

Wow, January has been a crazy month. We have probably had the hardest month so far on the field. As many of you know Adam's nephew David had surgery to have a tumor removed from his spinal chord. This was incredibly difficult knowing all the potential dangers that went along with the surgery. Knowing that we could not and still cannot be at the hospitals and encourage and stand beside the family physically was and is hard. Also, knowing other family members were having test run and minor procedures done made us feel inadequate at times. Furthermore, though we did well on our language proficiency test (ahead of schedule) we hit the biggest wall of our short Malagasy learning careers. The wall is still there but I do believe we have put a giant sledge-hammer through it. On top of it all we got one of the largest electric bills ever and had to change some things around financially. So in the midst of beginning to feel useless the Lord decided to teach us His Mighty Power. First of al…