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Living for Jesus

How does one begin to express gratitude to the Lord for His Grace and Mercy?How does one adequately share that He is at work and He is doing great and Mighty things?Well that is what we desire to say.God is alive and He is calling people to Himself.He is changing our world and our lives and we truly just want to stand in awe of His greatness.This month we just want to share one quick story.
As we went to one of the places of ministry they asked us to go out to a new village and pray over a sick person and to share the Gospel with them because they were hungry and thirsty for God.We went and as we began to make the 3-5 km trek in the wilderness of the south of Madagascar we just stopped and realized that we were living the dream.If you ever envisioned doing mission work among the unreached of the world this would have been that moment.Trekking through the spiny forest where not many people have ever been or ever carried the Gospel before.We just prayed and thanked God for this great opp…