Living for Jesus

How does one begin to express gratitude to the Lord for His Grace and Mercy?  How does one adequately share that He is at work and He is doing great and Mighty things?  Well that is what we desire to say.  God is alive and He is calling people to Himself.  He is changing our world and our lives and we truly just want to stand in awe of His greatness.  This month we just want to share one quick story.

As we went to one of the places of ministry they asked us to go out to a new village and pray over a sick person and to share the Gospel with them because they were hungry and thirsty for God.  We went and as we began to make the 3-5 km trek in the wilderness of the south of Madagascar we just stopped and realized that we were living the dream.  If you ever envisioned doing mission work among the unreached of the world this would have been that moment.  Trekking through the spiny forest where not many people have ever been or ever carried the Gospel before.  We just prayed and thanked God for this great opportunity.

We took this opportunity and walked into this small hut of a lady who was very ill and couldn’t even lift her head to look at us.  We crammed in along with our national partners and began to sing songs of praise, share the Word of God and pray over her.  As we did this we gathered a small crowd outside the hut and we shared the message of Christ and the life changing power that comes from believing in Him by using one of the stories from His Word.  As we shared, one of the ladies in that crowd was touched by the Spirit of God and she said “I don’t know about everyone else here but as for me, I will follow Christ”.  We just sat there in awe and in praise of His Hand working on the hearts of people.  As we left that place we encouraged the local believers and spent time in another village sharing another story about the power of God with these trainers. 

It was in that time of walking and trailblazing that we just had hearts of thanksgiving and praise that the Lord gave us this opportunity to go and share His message.  We also just realized that our God is sovereign and He knows all things.  He had pre-determined good works for us from the beginning.  The same is true for you all.  He has placed you right where you are to be able to live out His plan for your life.  It doesn’t matter if you are in the deep bush of Madagascar or in a large urban area, God desires to use you to be His tool for sharing His love for all peoples.  Let your life be wasted on Him by being available to His plans and His desires for your life and ultimately for how He has anointed you to be a vessel to share His love with others.


  • Phoebe and Emma had a good time in Madagascar and even had some opportunities to get out to the bush
  • The Lord is making much of Himself and His Kingdom in Androy and Anosy lands
  • We had a wonderful and encouraging time at our SoMad prayer retreat.
  • Adam had a productive time in Toliara and was able to encourage and challenge the CEIM leaders.

Prayer Request:

  • For the girls and their school years.
  • For new believers and now older believers to continue to grow and to make much of God and His Kingdom
  • For River to continue to grow and to continue to learn about God’s Love for him as he grows.
  • For our SoMad team as we adjust to personnel issues
  • For the IMB and its current financial situation
  • For the family of a local Brother in Christ who passed away and is now with the Lord.


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