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A Can do Attitude

We have closed out the month of June at a lightning pace.  We had two short-term teams, family from another unit stay with us, sickness and normal ministry happening.  We have also found ourselves in front of the TV in the evenings to watch world cup soccer.  Naturally cheering on Argentina.  Unfortunately, our team is out and that is okay.  As we watch the games we see teams that are just better than others.  The day, location, weather, and atmosphere play greatly into how a team will perform.  And then, you have the teams that just don't care and are ready to play at any moment, any place, under any circumstance.

This is how we desire to live out our mission life.  We desire to do what the Lord has called us to do and see Him glorified in all aspects of our lives and at all times.  We normally are this way.  I think on a few occasions you will find us not ready but for the most part we are prepared and ready for action. We really have not been as picky as it pertains to the wher…