A Can do Attitude

We have closed out the month of June at a lightning pace.  We had two short-term teams, family from another unit stay with us, sickness and normal ministry happening.  We have also found ourselves in front of the TV in the evenings to watch world cup soccer.  Naturally cheering on Argentina.  Unfortunately, our team is out and that is okay.  As we watch the games we see teams that are just better than others.  The day, location, weather, and atmosphere play greatly into how a team will perform.  And then, you have the teams that just don't care and are ready to play at any moment, any place, under any circumstance.

This is how we desire to live out our mission life.  We desire to do what the Lord has called us to do and see Him glorified in all aspects of our lives and at all times.  We normally are this way.  I think on a few occasions you will find us not ready but for the most part we are prepared and ready for action. We really have not been as picky as it pertains to the where, who, when and how's of ministry but more of is it getting done right.  Are we living out a can-do attitude for Christ?

Thus, when the water breaks in the middle of the night we don't get too upset we just push forward.  When we are sick and can't be far away from the toilet for many days we just seek to get things done as we can.  When the cars are continuously breaking down we get them fixed and find other means of transportation.  Missions is about being more than flexible.  We always tell teams to be fluid and to just take on the shape of the container that is in front of us.  Plans don't always go as planned and we have to be alright with that.  We have to say that we have prepared for the good, bad, and ugly of life.  Are we surprised by things?  Everyday.  Do we get frustrated with things? often.  Is it hard?  Sometimes.  Does it change why we are here?  Never.  We are here because the darkness is great, silence needs to be shattered and churches need to be trained for the Lord's glory.


  • The Seminary classes were great.  We are thankful to Dean and Gary for coming and being used by the Lord here in Madagascar.
    • 60+ leaders trained
    • The association of churches is working together to get the Gospel out and to see new leaders rise up.
  • The short term team from FBC Universal City did a great job of helping do broad Gospel seed-sowing in Amboasary
    • 700+ heard a Gospel presentation; 100+ were called unto Salvation and gave their lives to Christ
    • New people were interested in being trained to go and tell others around their area.
  • River is finishing out his school year strong
  • TEE will be finishing up
Prayer Request:
  • Travel to the USA for us.
  • Emma's graduation and for her as she will be starting UMHB
  • Phoebe is taking a summer course (Physics 1)
  • For the churches to stay strong and continue to multiply in our absence
  • For the Fredenberg's to be filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom from above. 

 Seminary Class

 Dean and Gary being honored

 Adam Sharing in Amboasary

 Baptism in FD
 Suzie with a Lemur

 The FBCUC Team

 River's Class

 Baylee Sharing

Our last Sunday at Church in FD before STAS


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