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As many of you know the IMB is making a lot of changes and the impact is great here in SSA (Sub-Saharan Africa).  We have just finished some needed Church Planting training and have been afforded the opportunity to say good bye to some co-laborers in the Gospel who will not be returning to the field.  We have to be honest that these losses really do hurt us in many ways.  The leadership, the wisdom, words of encouragement, family relationship and friendship provided by these saints will be missed.  Many of them have been so helpful to our family over these past few years and we are forever thankful for their faithfulness in serving the Father.  We will be praying for the Lord to give them peace and allow them to do great things for His glory wherever it is that they end up.  We do want to make it clear that our personal feelings in all of this at this point (and we pray at no point) don't impact the fervor and zeal that we have for completing the task that the Father has called us…