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A Lot with a Little

It has been our experience that the Lord is able to do more than we could ever think or imagine.  We have so many times wondered how He could ever use us.  We are just sinners redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and we just seek to give the King of Kings what He already purchased on the cross.  Our lives.  It doesn't seem to be much from the outside looking in.  We don't have extraordinary gifts or talents (we do have some just not extraordinary), we have been and still are at times the biggest hypocrites to ever live on this earth, we don't have riches, we don't have much to offer anyone much less our Lord.  However, despite our inabilities or lack of resources we serve a God who is gracious and kind and chooses to use us as His witnesses in a dry and desolate land.  He is also just and will not let sin reign in our lives.  He continuously reminds us of His measuring stick of Holiness and we are constantly submitting ourselves to His authority.
So we say all of this to …