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Prayer Walking Drive

Almost four years ago, a group of 12 volunteers raised a couple thousand dollars each in order to come and pray over a vast area of Southern Madagascar.  They yearned to speak the truth of the Gospel, but a majority of the 40 hours they spent on this trip was traversing bumpy, harsh, taxing curves, rocks and sand whilst praying.  Upon arrival in a town where they could rest, they would struggle out of the vehicle, regaining mobility in their aching bodies and attempt to recoup in order to do it for another 10 hours the next day.  Amidst the discomfort, the group would pray in each village along the main road of Androy (South Madagascar):  Tranoroa, Beloha, Tsihombe, & Ambovombe.  Turning back after the third day of travels, they faced deep, wet mud holes.  The rain was a miracle because Androy is a desert and doesn't get much rain.  In each village the volunteers had prayed in as they passed by, it had rained.  The Antandroy people were amazed and excited.  They knew there was…