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Five Reasons to Stay and Three to leave

As we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance for our lives we desire to know that we are being obedient to His will for our lives.  We have been asked and given an opportunity to leave the field in a good way which at other times is only accomplished by dying, getting severely ill or after serving for a looong time on the field.  We have prayed and will continue to pray to make sure that we are stepping in line with the Master’s will but feel very confident that we are supposed to stay here in Madagascar and continue to build His Kingdom here in Madagascar.  With that said we wanted to give you a few reasons why we will not be moving back to the USA at this time and a few reasons why we would.  This will hopefully help you know our hearts and how to pray for us.
Why we will stay in Madagascar:
·God’s Call on our lives:  We feel very deeply that this is the place that the Lord has for us to serve Him.  We will serve Him no matter where we live but we truly feel like He has asked us to cont…