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Where is Your Faith?

I don't really have a real update to give you all but I wanted to just share a little bit about how the Lord challenged me and at the same time comforted me in a time of need.  I also wanted to make sure everyone knew that as we (our family) walk into uncertainty today our hearts united stand in awe and wonder of how Great our God is.  We will praise Him no matter what the results or the circumstances that we live through. 

Sitting and waiting for my MRI I really didn't think about what the process would be like.  It never dawned on me that it was a head MRI and not a knee MRI like I have previously had.  Thus, I walked into the MRI room and the technicians asked me if I had had an MRI before.  I answered yes a knee and they responded by saying "this is totally different".  They proceeded to have me lay down on the table and began to prep me for this new experience.  I confidently set myself down and attempted to be a good patient.  They were very kind to me and ver…

Getting Back into the Groove

We’ve been back in Madagascar for over a month and finally we are starting to feel like we’ve adjusted back.We were working hard to get the house in order and making small repairs and at the same time were making preparations for our partner team from SWBTS to arrive.We still have a little ways to go, but we’re making good progress.Phoebe and Emma went back to RVA.Baylee jumped into school with our new homeschool.The SWBTS team arrived and we all jumped into ministry, sharing stories of the Bible first with those at the beach celebrating with a picnic for Pentecost and then in two new locations in Fort Dauphin.We saw many decisions made and over 40 come to faith in Christ. 

As we’ve been getting back into the groove, I’ve asked myself a number of times what “normal” looks like and I’ve decided there’s not really a normal.This week the SWBTS team will be ministering in and around Ambovombe.Meanwhile, River, Baylee and I are here in Fort Dauphin, holding the fort down.I’m also substitute…