Where is Your Faith?

I don't really have a real update to give you all but I wanted to just share a little bit about how the Lord challenged me and at the same time comforted me in a time of need.  I also wanted to make sure everyone knew that as we (our family) walk into uncertainty today our hearts united stand in awe and wonder of how Great our God is.  We will praise Him no matter what the results or the circumstances that we live through. 

Sitting and waiting for my MRI I really didn't think about what the process would be like.  It never dawned on me that it was a head MRI and not a knee MRI like I have previously had.  Thus, I walked into the MRI room and the technicians asked me if I had had an MRI before.  I answered yes a knee and they responded by saying "this is totally different".  They proceeded to have me lay down on the table and began to prep me for this new experience.  I confidently set myself down and attempted to be a good patient.  They were very kind to me and very re-assuring that they were there for me.  As they stuffed my head perfectly still with some massive headphones, put a mask over my face and head they began to slide me into a "casket", I mean a machine.  As they pushed me into this narrow area head first and I looked up to see what was happening my heart and mind just began to panic.  I had never really felt like this before and I went from confident to absolutely terrified in an instant.  I don't think I completely panicked but I began to try and remove the blanket they put over me because I was burning up.  The technician walked in and was extremely kind and comforting.  She helped me get the blanket situated and I began to work at calming myself down.  I began to pray and as I was praying and attempting to sing praise songs in my head I remembered a story I had taught the previous week. 

This story is the story in Luke 8 of Jesus calming the storm.  As I began to think of that story these words struck me to the heart; "Where is your faith?".  I couldn't move because I was immobilized and in a tight and narrow tunnel.  However, despite my physical inabilities my heart, soul and mind just fell at the feet of the Savior and cried out to Him in praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.  I declared to God how great He is and I began to attempt to recall all the Scripture passages that I had hidden in my heart.  The Lord was so faithful to me and He calmed this storm in my life and heart.  He reassured me of His purpose for my life.  I responded by just re-affirming to Him that no matter what my one aim is to make much of Him. 

I don't write this today to puff myself up but to remind you all that Christ is able to do all things.  No matter what our situation He is able to do above and beyond what we ever imagined.  In Him and through Him we can do great things for His Honor and His Glory.


  1. Such a challenging time to deal with so many different things...Praying for you and so grateful that you continue to run to the Father during these circumstances. Sending you guys all our love


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