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Challenging Times

We must say that we don't really want a repeat of this last month.  It was a very challenging month for us overall.  We praise the Lord that He was good to us and guided us through some difficult times but we also ask the Lord not to put that much on us again at one time.  Ministry wise we had a good month of seeing people get fired up for the Lord again.  We had noticed a lull in people after we got back from having a baby but the Lord began to light a fire in the hearts of our national partners and we have seen and heard great things.  With this ministry we encountered some of the worst roads we have seen since being in Madagascar.  There was lots of water on the main roads and it seemed like we drove from mud hole to mud hole all day long.  Trips took twice as long and they were very rough on the cars.  Praise the Lord that because of our supporting churches generosity through the SBC we have a strong vehicle that got us through the mud holes.
A highlight of the month was seein…