Challenging Times

We must say that we don't really want a repeat of this last month.  It was a very challenging month for us overall.  We praise the Lord that He was good to us and guided us through some difficult times but we also ask the Lord not to put that much on us again at one time.  Ministry wise we had a good month of seeing people get fired up for the Lord again.  We had noticed a lull in people after we got back from having a baby but the Lord began to light a fire in the hearts of our national partners and we have seen and heard great things.  With this ministry we encountered some of the worst roads we have seen since being in Madagascar.  There was lots of water on the main roads and it seemed like we drove from mud hole to mud hole all day long.  Trips took twice as long and they were very rough on the cars.  Praise the Lord that because of our supporting churches generosity through the SBC we have a strong vehicle that got us through the mud holes.
A highlight of the month was seeing several people whom we had invested countless hours and Bible stories follow the Lord in obedience by being baptized.  This was an exciting day and needless to say the techniques used around the world to baptize are different.  Baptizing in the ocean apparently isn't as easy as you think it would be.
We also suffered through some illness and Adam had to be flown off the island for what was possibly appendicitis.  Praise the Lord he is okay but there is still no diagnosis as to why he was having severe pains on the lower right quadrant of his abdomen.  The Dr.'s believe it was just a localized virus in his intestinal tract.  This trip was an emergency one and it left things at home unprepared all the way for the meeting trip the whole family was taking.  Suzie did a great job getting things together and in order so that the family could join Adam.  However, it was hard being apart from each other and not knowing what exactly was going on with Adam's health.  Praise the Lord he protected and guided us during these times.  Adam was poked and prodded and then Suzie and River got some check up exams.  Praise the Lord once again we all seem to be normal.
We closed out the month with a meeting and it was a good time to be refreshed spiritually but had some long days of sitting along with it.  We all came back to Mada a little under the weather so it is all going on again. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  Please keep up the good work.

Prayer Request:
  • For us to become completely healthy once again
  • Phoebe to finish her third term well
  • The girls as they finish out another School year at home
  • Short Term teams coming through to work alongside us
  • Strong vibrant times with the Lord
  • Ashley as she is closing out her time in Madagascar
  • No surgery required for Adam or Suzie
  • Phoebe is 15!!!!
  • We had safe travels
  • People are responding to the Gospel message and teaching others
  • Charlie and Zala are here visiting.  

 Baptismal in the ocean

 The truck after the roads like this one.

 Thomas, Philson and I helping teach the Bible in Beloha

 Baylee doing her chores

Family Picture


  1. The First, Second, and Third graders in our Awana/Children in Action Class prayed one sentence prayers for the specific prayer request and praises above. They were such innocent but powerful prayers as they talked with God. Thank You for the work you are doing in Madagascar and your faithful walk with God! The kids were very impressed that you made it through the water in you SUV! They have enjoyed learning about the peoples of Madagascar and we will continue to pray for your family and the people to know Christ.
    -Skyland Boulevard Baptist Church
    Tuscaloosa, AL


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