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We Are One Step Closer

Just wanted to write a quick note and thank you all for the prayers.  We made it to FPO and things have gone pretty smooth.  Some quick highlights...
Girls flew on a plane for the first time and did great!!!Everyone has their own bed for the first time in 4 and 1/2 years so the girls are happy and Phoebe has her own room.Meeting some great new friends.... Several going to Mada with us.We had overall some easy first days and tomorrow is the business.Girls go to schoolAdam and Suzie go to meeting all day.Lots of reading and homework to do but it fill so good.We played some soccer today with a bunch of people and had a blast.Some things coming up:
Pray for us as we will be busy.
Pray for the girls as they adjust and that they enjoy this time.
Pray for our families and friends as we are one step closer to leaving for a little while.
Pray for some friends and the powers over them in decisions that need to be made.

We thank you all for your support and ask the FATHER to do great things in yo…

Time With Friends and Family

We have been able to spend some quality time with friends and family this summer.
Here are some photos:

Sharing God's Plans for Our Lives

It has been such a blessing to share at 7 churches over the past 5 weeks.  We're most excited that these churches have COMMITTED TO PRAY for us, all missionaries and the Antandroy people!
Here are some photos of our time with our brothers and sisters in Christ!
 The Martin family (pastoring) at First Baptist, Huffman, TX  Our family at FBC Huffman  Sharing at Central Baptist in Round Rock (where Suzie was led to accept Christ and was baptized) It was so good to go back and share the all that God is doing in our lives and to see how the Lord is moving there as well!  Corpus Christi - met some awesome friends!  Eula is where Adam got licensed to the ministry and had his first oppurtunities to preach. His dad pastored here while Adam was in high school.  Here are some friends in Eula, some of which are still involved here at FBC Eula.  WE LOVE YALL!!  Here we are sharing at Parkhill in Arkadelphia.  Adam got to speak at his MK friend's ordination to become a deacon years ago, then was ask…

Share Time and Family Time

We are in the month of July already and we are so excited to be able to share our story with so many people and in so  many places.  It is exciting to be able to tell about how God has been at work in our lives and the plans that He has ahead for us and the Antandroy people.  Times have been incredibly busy and yet very sweet.  We have officially become homeless until July 25 but have found that we have many homes where we can go and be at home (Thank you all so much). The kindness of family and friends has been overwhelming and has truly blessed us to know that so many people are ready to treat us to such blessings of giving us a place to rest our heads and then to feed us and just let us use their things.
We have begun the track of sharing in several churches.  We shared last Sunday at FBC Huffman and had such a wonderful time seeing the Martin's and to meet the great people of FBC.  We truly were blessed by them and their willingness to pray and support us on this mission journ…