Share Time and Family Time

We are in the month of July already and we are so excited to be able to share our story with so many people and in so  many places.  It is exciting to be able to tell about how God has been at work in our lives and the plans that He has ahead for us and the Antandroy people.  Times have been incredibly busy and yet very sweet.  We have officially become homeless until July 25 but have found that we have many homes where we can go and be at home (Thank you all so much). The kindness of family and friends has been overwhelming and has truly blessed us to know that so many people are ready to treat us to such blessings of giving us a place to rest our heads and then to feed us and just let us use their things.
We have begun the track of sharing in several churches.  We shared last Sunday at FBC Huffman and had such a wonderful time seeing the Martin's and to meet the great people of FBC.  We truly were blessed by them and their willingness to pray and support us on this mission journey so Thank You!  We had a great visit with Adam's Grandfather,  in Jacksonville and then to have dinner with several family members was Awesome!  Even having the privilege to join Dogwood trails pastor's for a book discussion and prayer time was great despite the early morning (LOL).  We were also able to visit Adam's Grandmother in Oklahoma and to see some more family there.  We loved it! It is always peaceful.  Today we are in Round Rock and have the privilege to share a little bit at Central Baptist which is where Suzie gave her life to Christ through their ministry and she was baptized.  It is such a privilege to be able to share with the people of Central that God used them to begin His work in her life.  God's timing is so Amazing!  The rest of the month of July is very busy and culminates with arrival at Orientation in Virginia.  We do ask that you pray for safety on the roads as we have estimated it is another 3,000 miles or so in these next few weeks.  Our schedule is below:
Sunday July 10:  Brighton Park BC in Corpus Christi
Wednesday July 13th:  Eula Baptist Church outside of Abilene
July 17:  Parkhill BC in Arkadelphia AR for AM
July 17:  Highland Park BC in Mt. Pleasant, TX for PM
July 20:  Eagle Mountain BC in Fort Worth, TX
July 25:  Depart to Virginia for Orientation

Crating went very smooth We only used 400 cubit Ft

Family Picture in Branson on Vacation.  Had the privilege to hear Dr. Hemphill speak.

Pappa Welch, Uncle Lee and Aunt Marilyn with Mark and Kelly.

Putt Putt in Branson.

Above are some pictures and we will post more this weekend.  Thank you for your prayers and support.


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