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Power Struggles

Driving through the rough roads in Androy land we set our eyes for the goal ahead.  We are heading out to train trainers, encourage local believers, and set up some baptism services.  Full of hope and excitement we drive down the road re-capturing the beauty of the desert.  Then reality begins to hit us.  All the fields are burnt up.  The corn didn't make it.  The balahazo (kasava) is small.  The fields are being cleaned out.  Another year of no real harvest.  We continue on the long journey but as we pass by field after field with no new crops our hearts begin to break within us.  We begin to just pray within our soul asking the Lord to send rain and to help these people out.

We arrive at the first town and visit a local pastor.  He just had a baby.  Praise the Lord!  We rejoice with him and give a small gift according to customs due to the new baby.  We begin to chat and it is evident that the people are beginning to suffer.  We press on down the road and at every stop the news …