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Countdown to the Next Chapters

Believe it or not our time here in the US is drawing to a close.  We are less than 25 days away from departure to Madagascar.  We don't believe that we have adequately been able to take in the emotions we are having, will be coming up or that we will have over these next few weeks/months as we begin to adjust to a new place.  Furthermore, we know that our decision to go back has an impact on our families and friends.  It has been so nice to see them all and to be able to share about what the Lord is doing.  We have just enjoyed having them around and knowing that we are all just a drive away if needed.  To think that we are about to go half-way across the world again and life will change once again is sad but it is also exciting.  As we prepare to go, we go knowing that the Lord isn't done using us in Madagascar and His will for us is to continue to just Trust and Obey Him so that is what we are doing. 

This past month has been a full month of sharing about the Lord's wor…