Countdown to the Next Chapters

Believe it or not our time here in the US is drawing to a close.  We are less than 25 days away from departure to Madagascar.  We don't believe that we have adequately been able to take in the emotions we are having, will be coming up or that we will have over these next few weeks/months as we begin to adjust to a new place.  Furthermore, we know that our decision to go back has an impact on our families and friends.  It has been so nice to see them all and to be able to share about what the Lord is doing.  We have just enjoyed having them around and knowing that we are all just a drive away if needed.  To think that we are about to go half-way across the world again and life will change once again is sad but it is also exciting.  As we prepare to go, we go knowing that the Lord isn't done using us in Madagascar and His will for us is to continue to just Trust and Obey Him so that is what we are doing. 

This past month has been a full month of sharing about the Lord's work in Madagascar and celebrating birthdays.  It is so nice to have the privilege to share these special moments with people.  One of the biggest celebrations that scares us is that Phoebe just had her sweet sixteen.  It is so amazing to see how the Lord has blessed us with such an amazing daughter.  It seems just like yesterday that she was holding onto her Daddy's finger and gazing into his eyes after her birth.  She has grown so much in all facets of life and we couldn't be more proud of her.  We pray that she just continues to blossom into the woman that God has called her to be.

Emma and Baylee have been busy at school and going with us to share.  They are willing to help out where needed and just continue to serve others.  They have enjoyed the time at Lake Country Christian School and both seem to be looking forward to what is next.  We are always amazed at how beautiful they are both inside and outside.  They have such tender hearts and desire to be used by the Lord.  Life isn't always easy for a TCK and to see how they have taken ownership of God's call on our family is humbling and encouraging to us all.

River is growing and keeps us all busy.  He is always doing something unless he is asleep.  He loves food and loves to play ball.  He has learned new things and will show those things off as he gets a chance.  He loves all the attention he gets but when it is one on one he will flat wear someone out.  He is such a happy little guy and we are thankful to have him.

So as we transition into this next stage of life.  We want to tell you all thank you for your love and allowing us to come and be a part of your lives while here stateside.  We also ask that you keep up the praying, giving, going, and encouragement you have shown over these past few years.  You all inspire us to keep working and seeing the Lord do great things.  We are motivated to get back and to attempt great things for the Lord's glory.

Prayer Request:
Logistical needs we will have as we travel back (lots of luggage)
Phoebe and Emma to adjust well at RVA
Safe travel
Our vehicle to be repaired, to have good tires, and to be ready for a long drive down to F/D.
For our hearts to be encouraged as we say good bye to those we love here in the US

We have received medical clearance and received tickets to go back
We have seen the Lord encourage brothers and sisters in Christ
We have had some sweet times with family
We have had safety on the roads

 Cousin Time;  River post haircut

Phoebe B-day Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake

 Enjoying our Time with the Mamitiana's
 It Snowed!!

 Pre-Haircut and Chuck E Cheese Introduction
 Bday fun for Adam's Mom



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