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Fat on Religion

As I look at myself, I realize that I have a few extra pounds hanging around.  Now it is not much 10-15 lbs. since High School but each extra pound seems to make me feel slower and less able to do the things I desire to do.  I am not obese, a little overweight according to BMI (which I think is silly) but I realize how difficult it is the older I get to shed off those extra pounds.  I work out regularly, do weight lifting, aerobic activity, play sports and still it seems to just fluctuate between 5 lbs.  every time.  As I was thinking about how hard it has become to lose the extra weight the hard work and dedication that it takes I began thinking about my walk with the Savior.  I made a realization and that is I am a little overweight in religion.  I have been trained in what I do, I have grown up an MK, PK, and I am highly involved in church but then I realize am I truly living out the Great Commission of God today?  I would like to say yes, but I find myself making religious excuses…