Fat on Religion

As I look at myself, I realize that I have a few extra pounds hanging around.  Now it is not much 10-15 lbs. since High School but each extra pound seems to make me feel slower and less able to do the things I desire to do.  I am not obese, a little overweight according to BMI (which I think is silly) but I realize how difficult it is the older I get to shed off those extra pounds.  I work out regularly, do weight lifting, aerobic activity, play sports and still it seems to just fluctuate between 5 lbs.  every time.  As I was thinking about how hard it has become to lose the extra weight the hard work and dedication that it takes I began thinking about my walk with the Savior.  I made a realization and that is I am a little overweight in religion.  I have been trained in what I do, I have grown up an MK, PK, and I am highly involved in church but then I realize am I truly living out the Great Commission of God today?  I would like to say yes, but I find myself making religious excuses for not being completely surrendered to God.  I have found that I am carrying some extra religious lbs. around with me.  Not much maybe 10-15 but I know that I desire to be completely Spiritually fit in Christ Jesus.  How do I exercise my faith?  I must share, teach, disciple, train, learn, study, memorize, and much more.  I have found that it is so easy to be caught within the walls of the church and the business of just being a pastor and missing the very truth of what God desires to do.  I am sick of religious fat that makes me feel good and I am ready to shed off the weight that so easily stalls me.  I am madly in love with Christ Jesus my Lord and am ready to let everyone know that Christ is Lord!  I do not want just another religious experience to come my way I desire to have my life hidden in the shadow of the Almighty!  As a family we have given God everything we have and as we continue on this journey of being His witnesses wherever we are we confess that we need Christ today more than ever.  Come, Lord Jesus, Come!!!


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