We Are One Step Closer

Just wanted to write a quick note and thank you all for the prayers.  We made it to FPO and things have gone pretty smooth.  Some quick highlights...
  • Girls flew on a plane for the first time and did great!!!
  • Everyone has their own bed for the first time in 4 and 1/2 years so the girls are happy and Phoebe has her own room.
  • Meeting some great new friends.... Several going to Mada with us.
  • We had overall some easy first days and tomorrow is the business.
    • Girls go to school
    • Adam and Suzie go to meeting all day.
    • Lots of reading and homework to do but it fill so good.
  • We played some soccer today with a bunch of people and had a blast.
Some things coming up:
Pray for us as we will be busy.
Pray for the girls as they adjust and that they enjoy this time.
Pray for our families and friends as we are one step closer to leaving for a little while.
Pray for some friends and the powers over them in decisions that need to be made.

We thank you all for your support and ask the FATHER to do great things in your lives.


  1. We in the southeast rainforest are praying for y'all while you are at training! :D


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