As many of you know the IMB is making a lot of changes and the impact is great here in SSA (Sub-Saharan Africa).  We have just finished some needed Church Planting training and have been afforded the opportunity to say good bye to some co-laborers in the Gospel who will not be returning to the field.  We have to be honest that these losses really do hurt us in many ways.  The leadership, the wisdom, words of encouragement, family relationship and friendship provided by these saints will be missed.  Many of them have been so helpful to our family over these past few years and we are forever thankful for their faithfulness in serving the Father.  We will be praying for the Lord to give them peace and allow them to do great things for His glory wherever it is that they end up.  We do want to make it clear that our personal feelings in all of this at this point (and we pray at no point) don't impact the fervor and zeal that we have for completing the task that the Father has called us to. 

As mentioned above we had the privilege to gain training in South Africa.  This training was stretching for us but was also helpful for us as we move forward in the Lord's work.  One of the things that we came away with is a deeper passion and desire to give the people in Madagascar a chance to hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We desire to share with you all a number that as you see it, you will remember to pray for us and for Madagascar.

Here it is 422.  This number represents the number of Malagasy that will die each day.  That is 154,030 people that die each year here in Madagascar.  This impacts us in a great way.  In the areas of Madagascar where the Lord has placed us we have 40 of those people dying on our watch everyday.  That is 14,600 people dying every year and the majority (90%) without ever truly hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The question for us is simple.  How do we help the 1,750,000 people we are attempting to share the Gospel with actually have an opportunity to hear the True message about Jesus Christ?  The answer is that we need more workers.  We know that the workers are found here in the harvest and we know that the Lord has been allowing us to find people who have been prepared by Him to join us in this task.  The question is simple for you and for me.  What part will we play in helping these people dying today have a chance to hear about Jesus Christ?  The truth for our area for Today a Thursday is that we know that if everyone that we have trained shared with one person we would only have given 600+ people a chance to hear out of 1,750,000.  Simply put this  makes it difficult.  However, over the entire year if each person shared with someone new that number would be 219,000 people out of 1,750,000 people.  I say all this to allow us to see that the task though big and at times seems impossible is doable.  It will take time and we need partners in the work.  So how does 422 impact you?
  • Continue to give (financially) and support missions. 
  • If you haven't been supporting missions (financially) start today
    • Ask us how you can be a blessing to the Lord's work around the world.
  • Pray, Pray, Pay for us and those who are dying without a chance of hearing.
    • For boldness for the workers
    • For people to be ready to hear and receive the Word of God
    • For safety and health for those laboring around the world
    • For you to be faithful where the Lord has placed you
  • Come and join us in the work here.  There are numerous ways you can do this.
    • Short term trips with your church, association, school, or as an individual or family
    • Through the IMB (Career/Apprentice, Journeymen, Master's, Hands On, Face to Face and probably more ways than this)
  • Serve- being faithful right where you are and showing the love of God and sharing the message of Christ where you live will impact us here on the field. Be faithful to the calling the Lord has placed on your life to be a witness of Him.
  • Don't forget 422
In conclusion a quick highlight of 422.  Matthew 4:22 states "Immediately they left the boat and their father and followed Him".  In this passage Jesus called James and John to follow Him.  They left it all and followed after Jesus.  The task for you and me today is to leave it all and follow Jesus.  Let's be obedient to Him for His Glory and for His Honor.

Prayer Request:
UPcoming travels for us all
Phoebe and Emma at RVA.  Busy schedule for them both
For us as we cast vision and continue to train trainers
For several of our houses of peace to begin to step towards becoming church
The IMB as a whole and everyone involved in the changes

Everyone has made it safely from all the travels
We have a fresh vision and insight into what is ahead
No matter what God is still good

 Sad to have P and E go back to school

 Yeah this happens where we live
 River playing

Speed Racers in Jburg


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