Endurance: Isaiah 40:31

  We know it has been a while since you have received an update from us. This was done purposely.  As we came back to the US for our stateside assignment we really needed some rest this time around.  We needed to decompress from the wear and tear of the past seven years and really look into our hearts and see how in line they truly are with the Lord’s.   To be honest we have asked you all to pray for us not to be enticed by the glittering temptations around us here in the USA.  From a certain point of view life seems simpler and easier here.  We found ourselves wondering why God still needed us in Madagascar when He is doing such a mighty work that is way beyond what we can comprehend or in many cases handle.  The task at hand is so large that we know and recognize that unless it was the Lord leading us to continue on the path He has called us to in Madagascar we would fail.   There is too much at stake for us to just do what Adam and Suzie want to do.  
This is where you all come in to play.  As we have shared with so many of you and had the privilege of visiting your churches to make much of what God is doing in Madagascar we were constantly reminded that He is not done with us in Madagascar.  We couldn’t even say the job is half-way done.  What we did know is that we needed more of Christ in our lives and we needed strength from above to continue.  You all helped us see the Lords will and your prayers, encouragement, gifts, and love for us have propelled us forward.  Thus, as we prepare to go back we ask for you to pray for us to stay the course and to keep our focus on Christ.  To not let the troubles of this world become more important than the mission to which we have been called.  To live each day full of faith that despite being half a world away our children, parents, siblings, family and friends are covered by the Lord’s grace.  That they would see the Lord’s call on our lives and understand that as much as we love them our allegiance is to Christ alone. As we shed tears now thinking about the sweet and sorrowful good byes to come in March we know that we are being obedient to a higher calling.  We will go back confident that God began this work in us and He will see it to completion.

Prayer Request:
  • For the best restful month ever in January and February for us
  • For Phoebe and Emma as we leave them behind in College.
  • For our hearts to handle the pain and agony of leaving family and friends again
  • For hearts full of joy in the task at hand in Madagascar
  • For finances to work well with university for the girls and life across the globe
  • For Baylee and River to adjust to new places again 

  • Time in the USA has been good
  • You all have been awesome!
  • Phoebe and Emma are doing well and working hard in school
  • Baylee and River have loved their time in the US

 We have enjoyed being together!

 Precious time with both sides of our families

 Colorado race but remembering we are from Texas

Enjoyed TAMU and UMHB football games

 Baylee was able to play basketball and volleyball

 Even the cracks on the tennis court reminded us of Africa and Madagascar

 Lots of doctors appointments

 Our home church built a new building!

Heading back to you in a month and a half!


  1. We love you guys and are thankful for your faithfulness to His leadership.

  2. Thank you for all your sacrifices and loving on our country and it's people. May the Lord rewards you hundred full times in every way. May God bless. Cannot wait to be there alongside with you all. Shalom. Lots of love and blessings.

  3. Happy Birthday, Suzie! May this year be the best yet! Many blessings to you and your family as you are faithful to all He has for you wherever you may be.


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