Many times, life takes you on many different adverntures.  Some not very far away and others all the way across the world.  As we look back at our lives and think about the privileges offered to us we find ourselves amazed and thankful to be able to have those experiences. Just having the blessing of serving the Lord in Madagascar is amazing.  We live in a place that truly wasn't on our radar at any point until we started the appointment process.  We have always said that we were willing to go wherever and that we just wanted to be obedient to the Lord.  As we look at the place the Lord has placed us we are humbled and amazed that He orchestrated it all for His glory.  Now, that doesn't mean any of this is easy but we are seeking to be faithful to the King of Kings.  He has afforded us some awesome privileges on this journey of life.

This past month is a blur.  We started out rough.  Vehicles broken down, plans changing and preparing to be gone for three weeks to a meeting in Bangkok.  We felt under attack spiritually and weren't sure about leaving our children in three different countries while we went off to another continent.  Thankful to say we made it through and everyone is okay.  One thing we learned in this time, and that is that people have questions and things need to be defined along the way.  What seems like common sense for us may not be that obvious for someone else and thus, we must take the time to involve others on this journey. We must be patient with one another.

This year Suzie and I (Adam) are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.  We wanted to do something special to celebrate the Lord's faithfulness in our lives as He has filled us with love for one another.  He provided us with a meeting in Bangkok and we took a few days off before the meeting to go to Hong Kong and experience a new culture. We had a blast.  Many of you know that we aren't perfect and haven't been perfect but we have a Savior that has made us Holy and pure because of His amazing grace.  So, as we celebrate on the one hand, we look to the future on the other and realize how we are living out a journey of life that goes way beyond what we expected as a 19 and 20-year-old getting married.  It is nice to look back and know that our commitment to each other hasn't lessened but has become stronger because we are more committed to Christ Jesus our Savior. Thus, as we live out this journey we are willing submit ourselves to the Lord and each other for His perfect will to be fulfilled in and through us.

We made it to all the places we needed to be
We had some really good conversations with Malagasy leaders and churches
We learned a lot at the meeting and saw the Lord working on our hearts and many of our colleague’s hearts.
River and Baylee did great in Mada, Emma did well in Kenya and Phoebe is doing well in the USA.
Baylee is now an 8th Grader!!!!

Prayer Request:
Seminary training happening June 4-10
Stateside coming up that we would be wise with our time
Emma to finish High School well
Health to finish our term strong
Madagascar and the work that the Lord is doing.
 Goofy Girls

 Group Date Night

 Edwin is a Daddy

 Hong Kong Light Show

 Lot's of time on an airplane

 River tour in Bangkok

Exploring Tamatave


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