Having the privilege to serve the Lord in the South of Madagascar has some perks.  One of those is that we have some beautiful scenery's to look at.  One of our favorite spots is looking out over the cliffs at a local hotel.  We have been there numerous times now but the scenery never gets old.  The one thing that we truly love is watching the tide come in and seeing the waves crash into the coral and rock.  It is truly mesmerizing!  We have and still could just spend hours watching this scene and observing the power of the waves but the resiliency of the coast.

This is our lives over these past few months and years.  We have sought to be resilient in the midst of changing tides.  One of the obstacles has been our physical and emotional health.  They seem to work in unison.  As we feel physically able to perform and live within the changing tides of what Madagascar offers we find ourselves doing well mentally as well.  However, we have always sought to do things as a family so when one member is down we tend to all be a little down.  There is an ebb and flow in how we take in life.  For the most part this has been healthy and it is one of the reasons people tend to think that we bounce back pretty quickly from things.  The truth is that at times we just seek a longer break from the next set of waves coming in. 

As the waves of life taken effect on our lives we have sought to be founded on the Rock of our Salvation.  Not to over-spiritualize ourselves but we know that the only reason we haven't been swallowed up or taken out to the deep sea is because we have consistently found our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ holding us tight.  We don't always know it is happening but as we look back we are so thankful to Him and His protection upon our lives as we have lived through the changing tides.  So for now, know that God has been and is good to us.  We are blessed beyond measure and as we embark into the next stage of life, ministry, events, etc..., we do it with great confidence that our God is a solid rock that will stand firm. 

Prayer Request:
  • Sweet times with Phoebe and Emma here in Madagascar before they go back to RVA.  Phoebe's last time to be in Mada as a high school student
  • Churches in the South of Madagascar to stand strong
  • The SoMad team and the arrivals of a new personnel.
  • Short term teams coming from Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma coming in over the next few months
  • Wisdom

  • We had a good time in South Africa and we were able to get some help we needed.
  • We had a good meeting
  • Safe travel to and from South Africa
  • Adam has been cleared after his back-surgery to go back out to the bush
  • There were many baptisms in Androy and Anosy land


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