This has been a very weird and challenging month for us all here.  We have seen the Lord work mightily but we have also faced many trials and struggles.  We started the month by working hard and seeing the Lord open up new places for ministry and calling people to Himself.  The SWBTS team was here and we were all working together to make much of the Lord and His Amazing Grace.  The Lord was faithful and we now have a lot of work to accomplish.  We finished that trip with a couple of days to rest and be ready to receive two young men from Tennessee coming to serve alongside us and our South Team here in F/D.  They made it in and we shifted gears very quickly to help them be ready to make the most of the time here and helping them be ready to attempt great things for Christ under proper guidance and support.  They are doing great by the way.

It was in this preparation phase for the guys, follow up in the new areas of ministry and planning for the next short term teams coming out where we began to have the challenges come our way.  Adam was sent to Jburg for some issues he was having medically and the Lord was good to help us realize that it was nothing too serious but it meant being away from family, friends and the work.  Suzie was suddenly put in the middle of several things happening and now having to step in and take care of those as well as the kiddos.  There is no good time to be away but in Madagascar, June is not a good month for the husband to be away. Many people came to the house with financial needs (do to the Independence Holiday celebration) and believe that we have an unlimited amount of funds that can help them party.  Suzie did a great job of balancing it all but it wore her out.

On top of this all as Adam arrived back in Madagascar he got stuck in the capital for six days because Air Madagascar went on strike.  This meant even more time away for Adam.  Suzie added it all up and came to the conclusion that Adam was away from home 20 days from May to June over a span of 23 days.  This takes it toll on everyone involved and even had an effect on River and his schedule.  Needless to say things have not gone as planned and we are thankful for teammates who are patient, volunteers just ready to serve and for the Lord's ability to give us wisdom even in these hard times.

As we  look back and have had many frustrations this month we know that we are here because the Lord has a purpose for our lives and for the Antandroy and Antanosy people here in the South of Madagascar.  As our plans don't come to fruition, the world is falling further away from God, the obstacles ahead seem many and we don't have enough time to do everything we desire we find that the Lord is good and we just desire to be faithful to Him no matter what the circumstances.  This is easier said than done and we have found ourselves saying "Lord we believe, help our unbelief".  The Lord has been so good to us and despite our difficulties our hearts still praise Him.  In the good times, in the bad times we praise His name!

Prayer Request:
  • For our health.  For Adam to just be able to live with the issues at hand but have wisdom to not push it too far.  For Suzie and the kids to remain healthy
  • For Phoebe and Emma as they will be coming home and the are finishing up a school year.
  • For our South Team.  New baby being born, teammates coming and going, peace and unity and for the Lord to be Glorified in and through us all.
  • For wisdom in our finances and knowing when to help and how to help others.
  • For our short term teams coming to help with the Lord's work here in the South of Madagascar
  • For Air Madagascar to get back to a normal work schedule
  • We were able to see hundreds of people be impacted by the Gospel of Christ in a very personal way.
  • Adam has some health issues but nothing life threatening
  • Suzie survived despite the difficulties
  • Baylee has finished the fourth grade and is doing great.  Phoebe and Emma have done well in school.

 Praying over people at the Hospital in Ambovombe
 Suzie and River sharing with people along with the SWBTS team
 FaceTime with the girls
 Baylee loving on the local girls
Adam and the SWBTS team at work


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