The Blessed Gospel Light

The greatest aim that we have as a family is that the Lord would be glorified in and through us.  This past month has had so many events that we could not even begin to tell you all of them.  We have had some really good times, some trying times, and some moments of just being in Awe.  The Lord has been at work in and through us all.  We just praise Him for choosing us and our teammates here in Fort Dauphin and on the Island to be vessels used by Him.  We don’t understand why or how all the time but we have found that His calling upon us all is very simple “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all of creation”.  That is all that we have tried to do by being here in Madagascar.  We are just trying to be obedient to the Lord.  The amazing thing that we have seen is that as we have taken baby-steps of faith He has always proven Himself to be faithful and worthy to receive all that we have and are.

July has gone by so fast but not without a lot of work being done.  We have had short term teams from the U.S. come in and share the Gospel message alongside of us.  They have allowed us to widen our borders in existing ministry points, explore new inlets of possible upcoming ministry points and help start new ministry preaching points.  The Lord has been gracious to allow us to see people called to salvation and to hear them say “We will follow Jesus from now on, we will give our lives to Him”, “We have seen and heard the Truth, the light has shined”, “the message you bring is good and we see that it has power we desire to know more”, etc… In all of these cases we have simply just been in awe that the Lord is at work.  It is really nothing we have done, said, or strategized (not that we don’t try all these things) but a simple outpouring of the Spirit in this dry and dusty land.

We have also taken a large hit from a spiritual warfare perspective as well.  Flights have been delayed or cancelled, houses have had problems, vehicles have been breaking down (flats, small wreck, normal wear and tear, locking keys in car with no spare keys around this area of the island), local partners having some disagreements, moments of loneliness, days of not having a good quality time with the Father, illness has struck again and moments of being overwhelmed by the task at hand.  We have seriously wanted to just throw our hands up and say just let us go Stateside and re-focus, let us just hide in our homes for a few days, we have wanted to ask the questions of why? However In all of these issues we have been reminded by the Lord that we are His and He desires for us to be lights in the darkness.

So what we say is this, we are just people shining His light and letting the message of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ made known.  We desire to make much of Him and little of us.  We desire that you know that our Lord is alive and well in the South of Madagascar and He is calling people to new life in Christ Jesus.  As we face trials or endure hardships we pray that our response would be “Blessed be the Name of the Lord”.  As we see His hand at work and find times to be easy we desire to respond with “Blessed be the Name of the Lord”. 

With all of this said we want to echo the words of a national partner who lives a good distance away and challenge you with his cry for help.  “Adam, I have found several villages about 10-12 km from my town who don’t know Jesus, they desire to know more, I am sharing a little but we need help, when can you come?”  The same question goes to you our faithful prayer supporters.  What are we all waiting for?  Will we pray, give, go and serve the Lord with all that we have and all that we are right where we are and then beyond?
Prayer Request:
  • For Safe Travels to multiple places this month
  • For Phoebe and Emma to enjoy the summer/winter break and get ready for another year of school
  • For our family as we will be separated now with two girls off to boarding school
  • For our vehicles to stay strong and not to have any more problems
  • For our national partners and the work that is being done.
  • Short Term teams have come and gone and the Lord has been magnified
  • Thomas has completed his term here and done a good job.
  • Despite the difficulties the Lord has protected us all.
  • Baylee had a great Birthday!
 4th of July U.S. Soccer fans
 We went crazy for Argentina as well!
 Phoebe made it back and we had to go to the beach.
 Baylee is 10!!
 Working with the Children.
 Setting up the Jesus Film
 Our small room out in the bush.
 Leaving Marovato
Sharing in the village


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