Calling That Compels Action

One of the realities of living on the mission field no matter where one lives is the reality that we are called by the Lord to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.  This doesn’t mean that one’s calling to go internationally is more important than a local ministry but for all of us it is a reminder of hope that He who began this good work in us will complete it.  Our Salvation is secure in Christ but being worked out each day as we seek to live for Him.  We recognize that in and of ourselves we are incompetent in fulfilling the task at hand.  We are constantly reminded of how inadequate we are.  That is where we lean on the fact that God has prepared these good works for us before the foundations of the earth.  We are living out His call, will and plan for our lives.

Thus, we don’t despair in the dark hours and though from an earthly perspective all seems meaningless we push forward.  We recognize that our service to God is much more than a desire, much more than a job, and much more than simply doing good works.  We are proclaiming the greatest news ever heard.  There is life in the risen Savior Christ Jesus.  We preach Him and Him crucified, buried and risen from the grave.  We live out His love for all people by loving Him first.  He is the one that called us unto salvation, called us to mission, service and station.  We lean on those callings to keep us going.  We look back at those pillars in our lives where the Lord has worked to remind ourselves that His faithfulness endures forever and His desire to use us for His Kingdom purpose has no boundaries.

As we serve the Lord today and in the future, we are thankful that He has chosen and called us to be His servants in a far-away land.  We are also thankful that His calling didn’t wait until we hit a far-away land but that it started as we received that gift of salvation in Christ Jesus.  We look at Paul’s re-calling of his life calling by Jesus over and over again in the New Testament and how that calling coupled with the Word of God continued to give Him peace, joy, fulfillment and a task to finish no matter what the circumstances before him.  We, today live in that same thought.  Today, once again we proclaim Galatians 2:20 and we realize we have died with Him and what we do have, we have because of Him living in us.  We are thankful for the fact that we are called to serve Him and to be faithful with the very little we have.  Therefore, we attempt great things for His Kingdom knowing and trusting that He will accomplish His sovereign will in and through our lives.  So, as we think of the hope of the resurrection this Easter we remember our lives are just a mere mist in the scope of time but we pray that we are ready for whatever good work the Lord has for us to accomplish for His honor and glory.

We had a good time in the bush with the visitors from Ecuador here to see Diana
River started school and is doing great
Emma made it safely home from RVA
Phoebe is another year older
New churches are forming and new areas are opening up to the Gospel

Prayer Request:
Clear vision to be cast after hearing from our Malagasy friends
Safety on many trips coming up
Unity among the IMB personnel here on the island as we move forward 
For God to honored in all that we say and do.

A meeting with a church under the tree

 Adam learning to cook 

 Some believers in the bush

 Adam preaching in Ambovombe

 Emma is home

 Easter egg hunt time. (missing Phoebe)

 Staying out in the bush with this precious family

New church building coming up 


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