New Adventures Ahead

Well we have made another transition in what has been a crazy year and a half in Madagascar.  However, we believe this will be our last major transition for a little while.  With that said we are so excited to finally tell people we will be here for a long time.  It is so refreshing and so encouraging to our hearts to be able to firmly say that we aren't going anywhere in the near future.  With that said we are also fully aware that the place that we are in is one that will be full of new adventures and challenges.  So in case you haven't figured it out; we have moved to the city of Fort Dauphin or Taolagnaro.  We are so excited about this place and being closer to the Tandroy people.  The city of Fort Dauphin is full of Tandroy people and we are currently seeking avenues to get some Bible studies started.  This is not as easy as it may seem since the Tandroy are seen as a lower class in this town so we are learning to tread softly and with patience.  We don't want to hinder the work that will be taking place with the Tanosy people here as well.  We have found the line to be drawn pretty thick and colored in with permanent marker.  There is a difference and we need to learn how to work with both groups.  Our main ministry will be taking place out in the bush areas of the "Dirty South" but we feel a real need to help our brethren within the city as well. 
We have transitioned into our new home and it is very nice.  We are so thankful that the Board and all the SBC churches help ensure that we are safe and secure.  We definitely feel safe and haven't had any trouble sleeping.  The girls are excited to have their very own bedrooms and we are in the process of putting the finishing touches on this home.  All of our stuff arrived from Toliara which is a praise but not all of it arrived in one piece or without some type of blemish.  Needless to say we will always remember Toliara and the roads that we have traveled on.  However, despite the damage we are being creative and finding ways to still use it all. 
On our way to Fort Dauphin we stopped in the city of Ampanihy and spent the night there.  There is a little group of people that are meeting and seeking a way to become a church.  We shared the Gospel and taught upon the wisdom that only comes from God.  We then gave them a few more Bible Study lessons and a few books to help them grow.  They are currently teaching ESL and leading a Bible study in conjunction with the class.  The students are going out and sharing the stories and we felt an excitement coming from them all.  We were also very encouraged to see them building a place for worship and for teaching.  They have done all of this in faith and really without much guidance from us.  Please keep them in your prayers as the town is in the middle of nowhere and it is very difficult to reach them.  However, the Lord knows what is best and He is at work!!

We made it to Fort Dauphin and we are living in our home
Our health has improved
We had some really good moments saying good bye to friends

Prayer Request
For new ministry opportunities
Adam's Trip to Ambovombe and the surrounding villages
Life in Fort Dauphin as a whole
For all the housing needed for our teammates
Upcoming short term groups coming (SWBTS and NGBF)
Finishing up homeschooling for this school year

 Suzie and the Ladies group at the church in Toliara

 Saying good bye to the Youth at our church in Toliara

 Saying good bye at a Bible study the Lord allowed us to start

 Adam Preaching

 Truck and loading crew in Toliara

 Our Awesome Girls

 Enjoying the view here in Fort Dauphin

Saying good bye to the youth at the Church of Betania in Toliara


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