Search and Rescue

Wow we have had a crazy past month and lots of things to share and talk about.  So much that we could probably write a novel just over the last month.  We have had some tough days and some really exciting and energizing days.  As you know we had the cyclone come through our part of the Island and cause great devastation.  This devastation will continue on for the next few months as crops, homes, churches, lives have been lost.  It is hard to describe the seriousness of the current situation in our part of the world.  At the same time we have found many finding ways to continue on with life and to be an encouragement to others.  Our personal struggles of not having electricity in our home besides a generator and still not having our roof fully repaired seems so small compared to the eternal effects many have experienced.  To think that there are still people missing and there are still people living in the shambles of destruction just breaks our heart.  As we were talking with a lady we meet with each week for a Bible Study she was describing her home life…”We still don’t have a roof and we just sleep on top of things even with the water still in our home.  Where else can we go?  It is our home”.  These are words that describe many people.  The crazy thing is that she can say this with a smile and we even feel the hope that she has within.  We know that for her it has been the Spirit of the Lord that has transformed her life but the hope that He gives to the local people is amazing and miraculous. 
 We were also able to help out over 1500 people as a SW team during this time of crisis by giving them a bucket containing food, medicine, soap, a little bit of building wire and some of God’s Word.  These have been received with great joy and we are so excited for how the local churches have taken ownership of this and lead out in the distribution of the buckets.  We are also grateful to everyone who has given to BGR (Baptist Global Relief) as this enabled us to purchase and give away these buckets.  So thank you to all who support this endeavor.  The Lord has blessed us and others through this all.  It is through all of this that we and our local ministry partners now know in more detail family situations and how we can continue to help out more effectively.
 As we are not into April we have some busy but exciting days ahead.  First of all we just finished celebrating Phoebe’s 14th birthday!  We are so proud of her and praise the Lord for how He is at work in her life.  It has been a good time of celebration of Phoebe’s life and also of Easter and the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We have been on the road so it has been hard to know what a normal Easter is here in Madagascar.  Right now we are in Antananarivo for a meeting and then will be heading back to Toliara so we can be prepared for our big move to Fort Dauphin.  We are very excited about this move.  The reason we are so excited is that we will be closer to the heart of the Tandroy people and we are looking forward to seeing the Lord work through and in us to do great and mighty things in Androy land.  Please lift all this up to the Lord as it will bring with it lots of change.
Prayer Request:
Move to Fort Dauphin
Health issues that have been hindering us
New ministry
For our good-byes in Toliara

We got electricity in our home again after 21 days without
We were able to distribute and help others out with the BGR buckets
We have been able to see others come to faith in Christ and able to grow in their walk with Christ

 Get-Away time
 Feeding the Hungry Crocodiles
 You are Warned
Easter Sunday
Saying Goodbye at the English Class
Working on those BGR buckets


  1. Great to hear that yall had a awesome Easter and a good birthday. Ashley and I will continue to pray for your ministry as well as your health.I know it can be really hard to get anything done when you are having to take care of yourselves half the time (if not more). Keep up the good work and Ashley and I are still hoping to come out that way sometime in the next two years before we head overseas ourselves.


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