Confirming the Called

Wow, what an amazing week we have just lived through!!!  So excited about the next steps we will be taking in our life and what God desires to do through our lives to display His glory to the Antandroy people.  The closer we get to D-day the more real the task at hand begins to be within our hearts.  We are super-excited and ready to go but completely scared and aware of the size of the new orders that God has for our lives.  This past week has been one of re-affirmation that we are right where God desires us to be.  We were so blessed to spend time with some great families whom God is using in a mighty way.  No names but you know who you are!  We are so thankful for new friendships and prayer partners as we continue on this journey.  We were humbled by family and friends who took time off of their busy schedule to come and share this glorious week with us.  We could never say THANK YOU! enough to let you know how much that means to us.  So with that said, I will leave you with some of the favorite thoughts for the week.

1.  Meeting some great new friends.
2.  Meeting with trustees and the excitement they radiated towards God's call on our lives.
3.  Seeing family and friends and seeing their joy for what God is doing.
4.  Learning of what is coming next and getting a new vision and excitement for the road ahead.
5.  A church family that came out to support.  The next few months are going to be great!!!
6.  Shedding tears for the lost once again and remembering that it is not about us but about YHWH.


I second all that Adam has shared and rejoice in all that God has done, is doing and will continue to do!

A few other thoughts that came to my mind this week is the many sacrifices.  Thinking about our family and friends that are so supportive, yet I know the sacrifice they make in releasing us to God's will. They are allowing us to leave them for years at a time not knowing what's to come, but trusting God to do great and mighty things in each of our lives.  Thank y'all for letting us go.

Pray for us as we take the following steps of:
1. Finishing strong what God has called us to do here and now.
2. Packing and preparing to live almost 9,000 miles away
3. Yearning to be able to reach the Antandroy people for Christ.  Knowing how to do that and what to say.
4. Saying good-bye for now to so many people that have been a vital part of this process and will continue to go with us through prayer and support.


Don't worry it is just a picture we did not spend a week in jail.  It is at the Stockyards in what little free-time we had.  More pictures to come.


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